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Monday, June 09, 2003
Guess What? You Were Lied To

Months have passed. No WMD. And to think they impeached Bill Clinton for lying about sex...

But there's still time to get those WMD where they need to be...

After nearly three months of fruitless searches, weapons hunters say they are now waiting for a large team of Pentagon intelligence experts to take over the effort, relying more on leads from interviews and documents. (Emphasis added)

Back in the Saddle Again

Apologies to my readership (all three of you) for the extended hiatus. Life circumstances (other duties, etc.) coupled with disgust and contempt for what constitutes our current state of affairs (culture, gov't, etc.) kept me off the blog for a while. Hopefully, I'll be back more than sporadically.

Lots of things have happened. The FCC was effectively rendered useless by young Powell and Shrubya continues to insist that WMD are really in Iraq while he robs from the poor, depletes the middle class and fattens those of his pedigree.

On top of it all, Metallica released a new album that sounds like Fred Durst's ass decided to make a thrash tribute band with strung-out monkeys on guitar and drums and called the album St. Anger under the 'tallica moniker. Once upon a time there was an album ironically titled ...And Justice For All and it actually said something useful about a conservative dystopia. Now all we get are bone-head cock-rocking riffs and inane couplets.

The Union is a Joke.

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